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Look to us for house washing services in the Lafayette, LA area

Pressure washing is the method of choice for concrete surfaces like sidewalks and patios, but it can actually damage your roof and siding. That's why our pros offer soft washing for houses and roofs. We use a combination of low-pressure water and cleaning solutions to make siding and roofs look sparkling clean.

You'll be pleased to know that we use only eco-friendly formulations that are safe for your grass and plants. Contact DND Pressure Washing now to arrange for safe and effective house washing services in Lafayette, LA or the surrounding area.

Learn more about our soft washing techniques

Our pros use soft washing equipment designed to clean your roof and siding without causing damage. When you hire us for house washing services, our team will use tried-and-true techniques to remove:


Make us your first choice for house and roof washing services. Our crew does soft washing for houses in and around Lafayette, LA.